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Welcome to BM Engineering's site for visitors from the printing industry.

All products are exclusively distributed by BM Engineering and made by leading international manufacturers.

Vacuum Equipment

- Special vacuum cups for paper and plastic sheets

- Vacuum cylinders with integrated cups

- Bernoulli "no touch" lifting devices

- Ultra fast vacuum generators

- BLDC blowers for vacuum / air

Fittings, Hoses & Accessories

- Special vacuum hoses (up to 2")

- Easy opening / closing fittings for vacuum hoses

- Pressure / Vacuum transmitters

Compression System

- Oil free & quiet compressors for printing machines

- Compresors with integrated dryers


- Special poppet valves for paper sheet separation

- Proportional valves to maintain sheet tension

- Air service units (FRL's)

Vuototecnica - Printing Division

- Ejectors for compressed air conversion: 4-13 bars

   to 0.2-1.5 bars

- Ejectors for compressed air conversion: 4-13 bars

   to 20 - 90% vacuum

Precision Positioning

- Ultra precise linear stages

- Precision rotation (thetha) stages

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Products for the Printing field

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