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Welcome to BMEngineering's page for the Pharma and Clean Industries

On this page you will find products and solutions aimed specifically for Pharma and Clean Industries, who have a need for high-quality, clean and precise equipment, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • MedTech Manufacturers

  • Food & Beverages Producers

  • Chemical Industry

  • Brewing Facilities & Wine Manufacturers


All products are exclusively distributed by BMEngineering and made by leading international manufacturers.

  • Nitrogen Generators with purities > 99.999%

  • Oxygen Generators for Hospitals

  • Stainless Steel Pneumatic Equipment

  • Autonomous Testing Cells for Medicinal Products and Equipment

  • Compression and Vacuum Systems for Clean Environments and Medicinal Usage

Scroll further down to learn more, or click here to pass to the general website:

Pharma Products

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