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BM Engineering is a leading supplier of technological equipment and products for the automation of machinery and processes, for the industry and for the high-tech. Since 2009, BM Engineering provides services to a variety of Israeli industrial companies and today most of the leading companies in the Israeli market are among our customers.

Together with our main partner, Trio Air, we provide consulting services, products and maintenance services to the following areas:

Air Compression Systems
Screw, piston, scroll & centrifugal, oil and oil-free compressors. The equipment is suitable for all applications in the industry, pharma and high-tech. The wide product range includes air dryers, refrigeration and adsorption dryers, air tanks of all sizes and filters of all types, including activated carbon filters required in the clean industry. Our team has extensive experience in performing advanced energy audits, including measurement of all the required parameters: power consumption, air flow and air pressure, and the use of advanced simulation software to simulate the system's functioning when possible integrating new equipment.

Vacuum Equipment
Vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, vacuum pads and cups manufactured by the Italian company Vuototecnica. Our product portfolio includes the widest range of advanced vacuum parts and solutions in the market, in addition to a special division for printing & graphics who's special requirements can not be met by the use of equipment designed for general applications.

Equipment for the Separation of Gases
Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators and Bio Gas Equipment, manufactured by SYSADVANCE. Including nitrogen / oxygen generators using the PSA and VSA methods, based on compressed / vacuum air to separate the gases from the air. The equipment is capable of reaching 99.999% purity rates and pressure up to 420 bar. Thanks to our compression / vacuum equipment, we can provide complete systems with all the necessary components to meet the demands of our customers, whether in the food, pharmaceutical, electronics or any other field.

Pneumatics and Process Control
BM Engineering expanded its trading activity with exclusive distribution rights to Waircom MBS in Israel. Established in 1957, Vircom is a leader in the field of high-quality equipment including unique mechanical valves, a wide range of stainless steel parts and extensive knowledge in the field of explosion-proof equipment. The brand is well known in the textile, paper and cosmetics industries for its unique pneumatic equipment, such as advanced proportional valves and a selection of cylinders with integral anchors alongside micro pistons and various types of piston sensors.


Speed ​​and Position Sensors
In order to meet the needs of our high-tech industry, we have expanded our product portfolio with the signing of an import agreement with BEI Sensors, an French-American manufacturer specializing in speed and location sensors for particularly demanding applications. BEI encoders, angle sensors and potentiometers, used in the most demanding applications in heavy industry, aviation and the military sectors.

Precise Positioning Systems
Alongside BEI, BM Engineering also represents Nutec, a leading American company in the field of linear and rotary position stages and systems. Nutec is a high-end manufacturer of leading solutions for the semiconductor industry, optical testing, nanotechnology, precision laser machines and more. The full range of products is concluded by Fulling Motors, which manufactures servo motors and special-purpose step motors.

Machine Vision and Industrial Robots
Optical quality control cells, industrial robots and intelligent cameras from Swiss COMPAR. Comper designs solutions for process automation, with an emphasis on integrating products from a variety of disciplines, primarily optical equipment, for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, med-tech, precision machining, and more. One of the main applications of the equipment is to streamline the quality control process of our customers by turning it into an automatic, precise, standardized and electronically documented process.

BM Engineering is constantly striving to increase the number of companies represented, in order to destroy the product portfolio and the cost of the proposed solutions.

Together with our partners, Trio-Air, our vision is to provide quality service and products, to streamline production and productivity to our customers. BM Engineering focuses on providing professional consulting, best quality products and service in pur field, based on engineering knowledge and experience in the design, installation and maintenance of a wide range of industrial machinery and processes.

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